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Sun Farm produces two versions of our Vegetable Soup.  Our Frozen Vegetable Soup is made fresh from 100% vegetable ingredients.  For convenience, one daily serving of fresh frozen soup is condensed and freeze-dried into two 20-gram packets. 
PLEASE NOTE: Our freeze dried powder is being sold as a dietary supplement. Currently, the price per gram is significantly less expensive in cents per gram than most dietary supplements in the same category.  We are selling our products in bulk quantities only (i.e. 1,200 grams per order of freeze-dried powder).  Please contact us for purchasing and pricing information. 


Freeze-dried Vegetable Soup:

The daily suggested serving is 40 grams per day. One bulk quantity order (30-day supply) of Freeze-Dried Vegetable Soup consists of 60 sealed packets.  Two packets (20 grams in each packet) is equivalent to one daily serving (one container) of the Frozen Vegetable Soup.

Frozen Vegetable Soup:

The frozen version is made fresh on request.  One bulk quantity order of frozen consists of 30 single day servings (10 oz per container) which must be kept frozen. The recommended daily serving is one container.  It must be stored in a freezer and thawed at room temperature (not to be heated in a  microwave or stove top). Shipping to USA and Canada ONLY.


Selected Vegetable Tablets:

1000mg of freeze dried soup is pressed into a single tablet for easy intake. The recommended daily serving for healthy individuals without any current conditions wishing to maintain a healthy lifestyle is five grams per day.


Currently Back Ordered.

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Selected Vegetable Bars:

Delicious fruit bars infused with 10 grams of concentrated freeze-dried selected vegetables (they taste amazingly good!) for those healthy individuals without any current conditions wishing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


In Development.

Sun Farm Corporation (SFC) is only a food manufacturing company that produces quality natural food products. SFC disclaims any medicinal effect of its products and is not responsible for any claim(s) made by scientists, clinicians, patients, or clinical trials about the medicinal effect of the ingredients.  Always check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your heath condition.



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